Space for Science is a three-year cross-sectoral Erasmus+ project of two universities and three schools in Norway, Romania and Finland. The Finnish ISS project is part of the new Space for Science project. In the ISS, we have three different teams that each have their own role: science, programming and design. Our goal is to promote practical yet scientific methods translated into innovative team challenges where students take the lead and reach to new levels of learning. Space for Science – Implementing Innovations in Science Education is funded by Centre for International Mobility CIMO. I am participating as an expert in cultivating fungi as well as teaching microbiology and science to students and pupils. I also lead the section of the University of Helsinki which takes part with two seniors and 15 students (microbiology and biotechnology) as well as a team of physicists from the Physics Department.

This project ends in August 2017. The student group of the University of Helsinki has prepared an article about some research work taking place in the microbiology laboratory of the Division of Microbiology, Department of Food and Environmental Sciences. The article “Space for Science: A project to produce food for space travel by growing mushrooms in microgravity” can be downloaded here: Space for Science A project to produce food for space.
Further a video has been made which can be watched here.