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Slush 2016

Slush 2016 will start 30.11.2016 and I will be attending representing Remsoil and Nanoform Finland Ltd.

Dr. Steffen starts at Nanoform Finland Ltd.

A new challenge has been accepted. I started in October 2016 at Nanoform Finland Ltd. More about this exciting company on their website.

New rocket launch on April 8th

A cargo resupply service mission to the International Space Station will be hopefully launched on April 8th at 4:43 p.m. EDT carrying our microlab with the space fungus experiment. (link to mission)

Reopening of DrSteffen.com

For some time now my pages have been under construction. This has been due to a substantial change of the platform and content changing from Drupal to WordPress and from archaeological subjects to space science. For 2015 I reopen my pages starting now first with a low profile and little content.

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